If you are interested in studying service design or product design, textiles or animage and living amongst some of the freshest air around, we’re currently taking applications for the Master of Arts in Design at the Hochschule Luzern.

The Masters is built out of two branches, Animage (animation, illustration, image) and Product Design Management, which has the major tracks of Products, Textiles and Services (which is the one I lead teaching service design).

You would need to be able to understand spoken and some written German at least, but many of the courses are taught in English (or a mixture) and most of the staff speak good English (plus French and Italian too - such is the benefit of the Swiss language mess cultural diversity).

Of course, I’d love to see some more service design students as we’re building up this new area and we’re also interested in taking on people moving across from other disciplines.

Having taught in a variety of places over the years, I can safely say that the advantages we have are that we’re a small school with great teaching staff. The small class sizes make for much closer teaching and attention, the studios are lovely and the location in Luzern is really pretty impressive:


(Image source: Juan Rubiano on Flickr)

More information is available in German here and English here. We also have a microsite in a mix of English and German.

If you’re interested, all the application details are there in English or German, or you can get in touch with me directly and I’ll pass on your details.

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