Does Your Research Exist? Another great list of tips from John Thackara about how to get your research out there in a useful way. These three are particularly good:

Tip 3 When presentiong to me, assume I know nothing. NOTHING! The first two minutes – of my visit, or of your presentation – should answer the following questions that are rattling around in my addled mind:
“Where am I, and why am I here?”
“Who are these people?”
“To what question is this story an answer?”

Tip 4 Always answer that last question! State, explicitly, the insight, discovery, or invention you have made, that you are giving me to take away.

Tip 13 Treat PR consultants politely but also with caution.They often never get it,whatever it is – but will act as if they do. If your company insists you use a PR team, use them as support – but never give them complete control over your communications.

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