A quick cross-post from our Rosenfeld Media book blog. Ben, Lavrans and I are going to be doing (giving? What does one say…?) an O’Reilly Webcast titled Service Design: Designing cross-channel service experiences on Wednesday 14th March. It’s my daughter’s birthday, so it’s an auspicious date.

The O’Reilly site has all the details and where you can register. The time of the webcast is: 10AM PT, San Francisco | 5pm - London | 1pm - New York | Fri, Mar 15th at 4am - Sydney | Fri, Mar 15th at 2am - Tokyo | Fri, Mar 15th at 1am - Beijing | 10:30pm - Mumbai. Missing from that O’Reilly list is 6pm for all of you in Central Europe (GMT+1).

Those sharp-eyed among you will also notice that the icon of our book has changed from the “Book in Progress” one to one with an actual cover and this webcast should pretty much coincide with the launch of the book, so we’re very excited.

A big thanks to O’Reilly for taking part in helping us get the word out there. It will be particularly interesting to speak to the broader audience that O’Reilly have and we anticipate everything from, “Service Design? Been there, done that!” to “Service Design? Huh?”.

If you can make it, we’d love to see you online. Or hear you or see your words or however that works. Please spread the word with a tweet/+1/like.

I’m hoping the technology holds up – we’ll all be connecting in from different countries. If not, we can all spend 60 minutes shouting, “I can’t hear you!,” “No, you go on… sorry, what? Hang on, I’ll restart my machine.”

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