I’ve podcasted on and off for a while and always enjoyed it, first with Core77 in the mid-2000s, last year as a regular host of a Fjord Fika (new season coming soon), and more recently as a guest on Mark Pesce’s Next Billion Seconds and Gerry Scullion’s This Is HCD.

I love conversations with interesting people and the process rekindles my undergraduate media production training. There have been many times when I’ve had a conversation and thought, “I wish we had recorded that.” The Power of Ten podcast on the This Is HCD network is intended to capture some of those conversations.

Power of Ten focuses on the idea of design operating at many different levels, from thoughtful detail to complex ecosystems and the title is a homage to the Ray and Charles Eames film, Powers of Ten, that developed in me a mental model of connectedness that has influenced my thinking ever since.

My first guest is Jeff Gothelf, with whom I had a great conversation about the challenges facing digital product teams and also the organisational and leadership issues that make digital transformations so very difficult. I hope you enjoy it.

Although design will no doubt play a central role in the podcast, I would like it to cover a broad range of topics. It’s a kind of audio companion to my newsletter, Doctor’s Note. In true Sense and Respond style, I’m actively seeking feedback and, especially, suggestions for guests. You can mail me at andy at this domain or find me on Twitter. I’d love to hear from you.

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