Design Leadership Masterclass

I’ll be giving a masterclass at the Design Leadership program from Echos Innovation Lab starting on July 12th.

My session is all about design leadership as a personal journey – as much about my own experiences as it is what I learn from my coachees every day. If you aren’t clear about who you are and how you tick, it’s very difficult to lead and enable others.

Find more information and sign up on the site. As a Global Leader in the program, I’ve been given a (quite entertaining) 10% discount code for my network: andylovesdesignleadership

Read on for more details and who is involved:

One of the first programs of its kind helping to shape the next realms of design leadership. There isn’t any other course out there that enables you to navigate design into the C-suite, help you show and measure the value of design, and give you tools and practices to manage and scale your design team and culture.

The role of design leadership is rising. As design teams are growing, new design leaders are needed, people with vision, and who can articulate the value of design with executives.

Join me to build your design leadership, shape the next 5 to 10 years of your career, and help your team elevate their design maturity.

The program starts on July 12th and will have 12 global masterclasses with people like Michael Tam, Birgit Mager, Peter Merholz, and 12 regional workshops with local leaders in your region. Design leadership is a 12-week program to help design leaders, from a lead until an executive position, develop their next step into their careers while bringing measurable value and transformation inside out to their organizations.

Become a better design leader by learning about:

  • creating a future strategic vision for your company, product or service,
  • leading and growing design teams and understanding your own style of leadership,
  • pushing creativity and innovation boundaries,
  • setting up a team practice and culture,
  • measuring the value of design,
  • shaping your organization through design ops,
  • giving feedback and coaching your team,
  • creating better digital products and services.

This might be the next step into your design career and can help give the next step in the design maturity of your organization.

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