A New Look

I felt it was about time for an update of my website. It’s a bit more smooth on the transition front, has much better typography and also has a dark mode (try it using the top right icon of the sun/moon).

I’ve moved around the navigation structure a little, so it should be clearer where to find things. I got rid of the archive page, though I might bring it back at some point, but search is back!

I run my blog on the static site generator, Hugo, served via Netlify and I’m writing all this in Obsidian and deploying it via a Git plug-in for Obsidian. It’s a pretty pleasant experience from my side.

The design is a slightly modified version of a theme from Anvod Studio in the Ukraine. Artem has been super supportive with my queries and I can recommend their themes.

As always, I’ve probably broken a few links, despite setting up redirect and aliases. If you find anything wrong please get in touch and let me know.

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