November 23, 2021

Nir Hindi - The Art Mindset for Businss

My guest today is Nir Hindi, founder of The Artian – a transdisciplinary training company committed to nurturing an artistic mindset in the business environment – and host of the Artian podcast. Nir works with a wide range of organisations and has gained an equally large number of accolades, including being chosen as one of the 100 experts of Cotec, an organization for promoting innovation in Spain, chaired by no less than Felipe VI, the Spanish King.

Nir says he has for years believed in the power of art to drive originality and novelty in business but was searching for the how. Until he discovered the way artists think, work, and create. And, more importantly, why it is relevant to business. Since then, Nir has been evangelizing the concept of the Art Mindset in business, a mindset he believes is necessary for the future of organizations.