April 15, 2015

Ratekoulutus Service Design Masterclass April 2015

If you’re on this page, you were probably one of the participants of my Service Design Masterclass produced by Ratekoulutus in Helsinki. If you’re not one of those participants and still found this page, then lucky you.

Apologies for taking a while to post my slides and all these notes and links. As you can see, there were quite a few that I mentioned. I’ve tried to group them thematically as best I can, but many of the references are useful across a number of areas.

You will see that there are several books from my publisher, Rosenfeld Media. This is not simply nepotism – they really do publish most of the best books on UX and related themes. If you use the code POLAINE at checkout you not only get 25% of our book, but it is valid for all Rosenfeld books. They have a European distribution centre, so ordering direct from the publisher is usually pretty fast.

My slides, templates and book

Insights gathering

Brainstorming tools

Re-thinking organisations/structures/businesses

Service design & UX agencies/examples

From Sami

(Sami is happy for me to share his contact details with you, but I won’t post his e-mail directly here. Get in touch if you would like me to mail them to you.)

From Timo Lahtinen

Storyboarding & Experience Prototyping

Future Thinking