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Lists and numbers versus stories

Eugene Wei posted a piece about why our brains love lists over on his Remains of the Day blog. It explains why all those “20 ways to…” blog …

Mapping The Entertainment Ecosystems

Mapping The Entertainment Ecosystems has already been blogged by John Gruber so you have already read it, so this is more for my own reference as anyone …

How much is good service worth? £25m for Amazon UK.

(Photo credit: xrrr on Flickr) Amazon’s entire offering really boils down to two things. The first is to facilitate a person in a warehouse somewhere …

Amazon Ass

Unfortunate but amusing combination of the subject line and Mail.app shortening the sender name from Amazon Associates.

Amazon Reviews

Oh the irony. Unfortunately you can’t post links on Amazon.com’s reviews, which is probably a good thing so that it doesn’t become overwhelmed …

Amazon Christmas Checkout

Just spotted Amazon’s Christmas-themed shopping cart. Sometimes it’s the little things that make all the difference.