Desktop columns online - onlab

Desktop magazine are republishing some of my previous Foreign Policy columns for their website. It’s good to see these get a new lease of life. The first one, Trying It On is a profile on Swiss/German studio onlab.


Domus Magazine, Intersections #923, March 2009, illustration: Tobias Krafczyk, Publisher: Editoriale Domus, Italy. You can watch the folding on YouTube.

Iron Man's HUD and interaction design

The current issue of Desktop has a snippet from my interview with Dav Mrozek Rauch from The Orphanage talking about their work on the HUD …

From the Archives: Interview with Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown – Flower Power (In an earlier unpublished draft of this I so wanted to title it “Dan Brown - The Da Vinci Coder”, but good …

From the Archives: Jonathan Harris - Man of the Hour

I have been promising that I would like to upload all of the articles I have written over the years so that they might be of use for people …