YouTube remixed by Kutiman

There have been a whole load of YouTube musical mash-ups, including the YouTube Orchestra, but this is one of the better ones I’ve seen that’s a bit more scratch video in its style.

Kudos to Kutiman for re-mixing the YouTube page on his site, which is where I recommend you watch them. Somehow it adds to the whole mashed up experience.

(Thanks to Seb for that one).


AC/DC’s Rock ‘n’ Roll Train created as ASCII art in an Excel spreadsheet “smashing through the corporate firewall”. I’m having flashbacks …

Take on Me. Literal interpretation.

I could resist this. This song seems to be stuck on loop on every single German radio station.

Orbit on Creative Insecurity

Teaching is an interesting process of projection. Much like any other relationship you project your own fears, bad habits and insecurities …