I love YouTube, it really is becoming the archive of the world. Here’s a bit of the RGB performance Nic Roope, Joe Stephenson and I did when we were at Antirom. We performed a selection of our interactive sound toys - this climax of the show really where we jumped around on pressure pads triggering sounds and animations. Joe is in green, Nic in the Red and I was blue. Way back in 1997 I think. We really couldn’t dance (three middle-class white boys) but it really was a good time. You should have been there.

Thanks to Nic for finding this and whoever Newbrow is for uploading it to YouTube in the first place.

UPDATE: So, Nic reckons this is the Cybertheatre in Brussels and Shane thinks it might have been the performance we did for the 2nd onedotzero festival at the ICA. It was all a blur at the time for me - maybe someone remembers?

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