Live|Work have just put together a new collective action website called 70max aimed at encouraging people to slow down and reduce accidents and carbon emissions.

From the site:

If everyone in the UK drove at 70mph max we would reduce CO2 emissions by 1 million tonnes a year!

You could save 4p a mile, that’s worth £200 per year.

You will stop 20% sooner, that’s 20 metres less.

You will emit 40g less CO2 per mile, that’s 200,000g per year.

I think single-issue campaigns can be pretty powerful if they are well-designed and catch on. 70max seems to live up to this idea.

70 max sticker

It’s also quite smart in terms of its pledge mechanism - you get a free sticker for your car and there’s a Flickr group to upload a snap of it to. (How about ones for my bike? And what about the emissions from those post-office trucks that deliver it? Eh? - okay I’m being picky.)

Also good to see is the level of referencing for the calculations so it’s grounded in some decent facts and figures.

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