Hidden Lives

We all have inner thoughts, secrets and dreams that we fail to manifest and carry around with us like shiny gems hidden in our pockets. After a while they weigh you down, so why not reveal them? You might find someone else feels exactly the same.

Justin McMurray has just put the finishing touches to Hidden Lives, an online space that allows you to do just that. You can unveil your hidden life (anonymously if you want) and peek into the lives of others. It’s often fascinating and, at the very least, pruriently voyeuristic.

But I like to think it’s more honourable than that - CG Jung wrote about the shadow, a part of ourselves which contains all the things we suppress in our conscious lives. Often these can be destructive, but they can often be a positive influence giving us important primal energy as well as containing our hidden desires. Jung believed it was important to acknowledge the shadow for it not to be a destructive force in our lives - perhaps Hidden Lives might do the job. Shame Jung didn’t have the web - I wonder what he would have made of all the self-revelation?

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