Tape It Off the Internet

Nice to see the article in the Guardian about Paul Pod’s Tape It Off The Internet being almost ready to roll.

I worked with Paul at Razorfish and he’s been steadily doing great stuff since. TIOTI started as a spoof on Web 2.0 madness, I believe, and a cool name. Then they realised that it could actually be built and set to work. It’s been in the workshop for a while and I’m really looking forward to seeing what happens. It could be my dream of a friendly way to download via bitTorrent et al.

It’s not until you live in a foreign country do you really appreciate how rubbish territory deals are. I can’t legally watch many shows that I would happily pay something for because they’re not in Germany in English. I can’t even use my bloody Australian Playstation 2 here with European discs and it’s illegal to chip it. I don’t want to fork out for another one and so SCEE lost out on me buying more games. The same is true with TV and video content. So, what with Joost, TIOTI and maybe iTunes, I might never need to watch TV (or crap ads) again. Hurrah!

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