June 7, 2007

Zach Lieberman interview on Open Frameworks

There’s an interesting interview with Zach Lieberman by Karl Willis on the Window.nz website. Lieberman talks about his work on the Open Frameworks project, which is basically a set of C++ libraries specifically set up for creative work. I haven’t used it, but I imagine it’s a kind of supercharged Processing as it’s running in C++.

One point that I thought was worth pulling out, given the tension between research and arts practice that often exists in universities, was this:

One thing I was interested in, I always try to do this when I’m teaching, is to really preach this idea that artistic practice is research. That really art-making is research in the same way that, science, you know, a physicist is doing research. So I like this idea, when you think about research, research is really built on the work of other people.