Ever wanted to track your training route and activity or just remember where you skied?


My brother, Matthew, was given a SportsDo account and kit for Christmas by his wife, Naisha, which does just that. (Although a friend of hers said “So, basically, you bought him a husband tracker?”).

It’s a pretty smart pulling together of several existing technologies along with a neat interface integrated with Google Maps. It uses a Bluetooth GPS receiver connected to your mobile phone to capture the data. This gets uploaded to the user’s profile (here’s Matt’s) showing everything from the route to altitude and timings, etc.

What’s particularly handy is that you can then track people via text messaging, which means if you all have one when you are up a mountain skiing and/or in a long-distance race, you can find out where your friends and competitors are. Everyone else at home can use the RSS feed.

You can also remember which runs you did, how many times, how many calories you’ve burned, etc. and show off at the bar afterwards (and sing rubbish songs).

Given that the data is pretty rich and looks as if it’s reasonably accessible I could image it being used for all sorts of interactive projects too. Or just to check your partner really is walking the dog.

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