If you haven’t already heard from me about it, I launched The Designer’s Review of Books at the end of last week. I’ve been so busy reviewing and promoting it, I forgot to promote it on my own blog. Duh.

It seems like it has struck somewhat of a chord, which I’m really pleased about. There seems to have been no single place for reviews of design books up until now, only design sites (albeit great ones like Design Observer) that also had some book reviews.

I hope to do at least weekly reviews, if not a little more frequently. There are also a few well-known designers who will be writing reviews of some of their favourites. I hope, also, to review a few disappointments too – it’s easy to just talk about the great stuff, but people need to know what doesn’t come up to scratch too.

Do go and take a look, subscribe, tweet it and tell your friends. And if you’re thinking of buying any design books from Amazon, you can help me keep the site going through the Designer’s Review of Books Amazon Stores.

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