I twittered about this the other day and I know it’s been doing the rounds of the interweb, but wanted to post about it properly.

The film has nothing to do with interactivity in the sense that I normally write about it here, but has everything to do with interacting with people. It’s a project by Crush & Lovely and Deltree called Fifty People, One Question.

When I first watched this, the attacks in Mumbai has just happened and I was in a terribly mood thinking about how awful people can be to each other. Then I watched this video and remembered just how wonderful people can be too. It made my day. I just watched it again, and it’s made it again.

(It’s also a great example of indy filmmaking, 80 hours of editing and depth-of-field use with a HV20 video camera. More on the set-up and process over at Deltree’s blog).

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