I just backed a new Kickstarter project, Light by Moore’sCloud. What is it? Here:

The light that turns you on
Beautiful, intelligent, connected light.

Fifty-two LEDs in two million colors add up to infinite possibilities of pattern and animation. With a powerful computer and Wifi connectivity, there’s no end to the ways Moore’sCloud Light can work for you. It’s the light you’ll live your life by.

It’s a light that you can play with and connect to and come up with all sorts of ideas for. Don’t let the stills fool you into thinking it’s something as basic as Philips’s LivingColor lamps. It’s much more powerful than that. It makes more sense to watch the video:

Why am I backing it? Apart from the fact it looks like a fabulous idea, Mark Pesce is behind it. Mark was the inventor of VRML, wrote several excellent books, including The Playful World, which had a big influence on my PhD and he’s also a friend of mine. He’s no flake and I’m very certain they are going to deliver.

So far they have around $80k of their $700k goal, so go and back it and get one for yourself.

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