A rather last minute post to mention that I’m on my way to the EAD Crafting the Future Conference at the HDK, School of Design and Crafts in Gothenburg, Sweden today. The conference starts tomorrow, 17th April, and runs until Friday 19th April.

I’ll be presenting an academic paper, A nested set of meta-principles for service design (PDF), which ties together some of my ideas about interactivity from my PhD with service design. This will form part of the discussion in the Craft of design in design of service track.

The way this is structured is that all the other participants read each other’s papers before the conference and then discuss them there, making the best use of the face-to-face time. This is so much better than just going to hear people read out their papers and having little time for discussion afterwards.

You can download all the papers here. There are some really insightful ones, so it’s worth a look and they’re not all academically dry and theoretical either. Practitioners will find some useful insights too.

If anyone I know from the service design scene or from Gothenburg is around, send me a tweet and we can try and meet up. Or just come and say hello. I look like just that logo of my head up there an pretty much as pale thanks to this long winter we’ve had.

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