Just installed Chad Everett’s MT-Moderate plugin in an attempt to cut down on Trackback spam, which has, let’s face it, been more than my real trackbacks. (Come on you three readers out there, give me a plug, a trackback or a comment for goodness sake).

Also MT-Ban-Numeric-Entities which should get rid of all those spam trackbacks that have numeric entities instead of ASCII to try and get past the filters.

Lastly, MT-Keystrokes which uses Javascript (okay standards purists, I know, but the spam is just too much, sorry) to make sure a human has typed into the comment fields.

Thanks to the ever wonderful Jay Allen for his tireless fight against spammers and whose MT-Blacklist already works tirelessly to keep spam from me. Occasionally I check the logs and send love into the universe for Jay and the amount of time he has saved me. Most of the time I don’t look at the logs, it’s too depressing.

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