There seems to be some problem with comments on my blog. Some people manage it whilst others never get posted. They all go through an approval process as I was getting so much spam, but even so, some never make it. I’ve toned down the spam control a little, but I’m sorry if some never get through.

The most assured way is to get a (free) Typekey account and log in that way. It should remember you after that and it will also allow you to sign into other blogs. If you’re really keen to get in touch then mail me, especially if your comment doesn’t appear. I won’t write the address here, but it’s andy, at, and then then name of my domain,

UPDATE: Despite several hours trying to track this problem down, it appears the sure-fire way of a post working is to preview it first, then post. I’ve really no idea why this is happening and need to get on with some real work now. I will try to sort it out later.

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