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I recently posted about Pandora, the online tool that looks for music that is similar to a track or artist name you enter. It’s great, by the way, and I’ve found myself using it as my permanent radio source. It was even the tipping point for me to purchase Airfoil so that I could stream it to my hi-fi downstairs via my Airport Express.

But what happens when you hear a tune and don’t know the name of it? That’s where Tunatic comes in. Play a bit of the tune into the computer and Tunatic analyses its ‘signature’, checks its database, and gives you the name of the tune. I’ve tried it on some obscure Euro-trash playing here in Germany and it found it. I have to say I’m quite impressed.

You can also help increase the scope of the database by downloading Tunalyzer, which analyses the music on your computer and uploads the meta-data to the database.

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