Sometimes I trawl through Playpen’s stats to see how people find me. (Yes, yes, navel gazing - don’t tell me you don’t do it too). Anyway, I always find the search phrases amusing and I noticed a bit of a trend:

  • i hate carphone warehouse
  • why i hate mobile phone
  • i hate working in a mobile phone shop

Then there are those that are simply odd/funny:

  • what do you call those playpens at the park? [who puts a query like that into a search engine?]
  • top hat and tails for hire
  • tv vs internet
  • woman in short leg cast
  • why people feel emotional
  • scary photographs
  • bauhaus stolen
  • hit and run accident finchley road
  • drunk

It makes sense why they ended up here. But I don’t suppose they stayed long.

Why do I blog this? It’s Saturday afternoon and I’m procrastinating. Give me a break.

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