Following on from my previous post about the new Bluetooth Arduino boards. Chris O’Shea has already got his and has posted some first impressions.

Bluetooth Arduino in action.

Picture stolen shamelessly from Pixelsumo. I’m sure more exciting things than serial port messages on your phone will result from this. But it’s nice to know I could do some mobile > physical interaction.

But perhaps even more exciting for those getting into making more physical interactive work are all the other goodies that are to be on the way, including some LED matrix controllers, MP3 players and Ethernet connections (and more).

Check out Massimo’s new site for the low down. It’s a more official form of the work he’s been doing for a while - there are lots of useful things there for the budding physical interaction designer.

Also check out his Flickr set for some pics of it all if, you know, you like looking at circuits and stuff.

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