Wandering off from a post by John Hicks about staff photos I ended up on the jobs page of my mates at Poke. They have a good tip for recruitment agencies (I’ve had similar experiences):

Please no agencies.

You’re too expensive. And some of you are really horrible too. We do work with a couple of recruiters, but they’re ones that we’ve grown to like. Not cold-calling, staff-nicking, lying, cheating thugs.

There probably are ways to make us your friends. But if you were any good you’d have figured them out anyway.

Very true.

By the way, I really can recommend working at Poke - I spent a very entertaining couple of weeks there on a project for Yahoo! and they’re lovely folks. If I were to move back to the UK and put up with the wreckage of lifestyle that is living in London, they’d be one of the two places I’d want to work at.

They’re looking for a Senior Project Manager and a Frontend Web Developer at the moment.

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