The Naked Sheep


I probably don’t blog about my students’ work enough, but this piece I particularly like because it was a collaboration between students who are actually working on different projects. The Naked Sheep is a collaboration between Tina Tomovic and “Anna & Juan", AKA Josefina Eliggi and Luzius Schnellmann. (Luzius actually works as an assistant to the Design MA in Luzern but is collaborating with Josefina).


Anna & Juan explores the creation and re-discovery of sustainable, natural dyes and wool production at a local level, while Tina is looking at the nature of souvenirs and interactivity. Tina created as a souvenir idea for the Anna & Juan Pop-Up Store. It’s witty, playful and simple, which I always enjoy.

Tina also created the logo for the pop-up store flyer, which I can best describe as a kind of textile, crochet typography. What am I saying? I can best describe it with a picture:


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