I’ve just re-built the entire blog with MovableType now instead of Blogger and renamed it Playpen, which I felt was more apt and less pretentious than “Sandbox of the Mind”. So, it looks a lot less beautiful at the moment, no Douglas Bowman template sadly, but I’ll fix that up soon and MT is much more powerful. Oh yes, the comments, such as they were, got deleted in the process. So if you made one, make it again…

I had masses of permissions problems with the files for some reason, something to do with the zip archive on my server I think. Anyway, I set everything up locally and then uploaded it and it’s all fine - I recommend others do the same and save several hours of pain.

I hope to upload more of my writing and interactive work now that hectic semester at work is almost over. But I’ll need to edit the CSS to get it looking all fancy schmancy and have a chat with the folks over at Desktop about what I can and can’t post online (because they own the publishing rights to a lot of my work sadly).

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