Macbook orMacbook Pro

I’m about to upgrade machines and it’s time to go Macbook or Macbook Pro (the 15"). It wouldn’t be a primary design machine, so the screen resolution is not so much of an issue, nor is the speed difference (though see question 2 below).

What I want to know is:

  1. What the keyboard feels like on either of them. I write a lot and it makes a big difference to me (and I get occasional RSI). Is the Macbook’s weird flat-button keyboard nice to use or awkward?

  2. The other thing is, perhaps, playing some PC games on the laptop via Bootcamp. I know the Pro has a better graphics card but has anyone had much of a go with that on a Macbook?

  3. Is that glossy screen annoying on the Macbook? I notice you can have the option of changing it on the Pro.

I know there is a lot of opinion out there in Googleland, but frankly it’s too tedious to sift through. I’ve read the benchmarks and reviews, I’m more interested in personal experiences. I know many of you have probably been using either of these machines for some time and love or hate them.

Please step forth and comment

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