Presentation Notes to my Design to the Powers of Ten UX Futures Talk

Here are the links to sources and resources, people and videos that I drew upon for my UX Futures Design to the Power of Ten talk.

In no particular order:

Apologies if I forgot anyone or anything. Ping me a tweet or an e-mail if you spot something I should add.

UX Week 2014 Talk Video

The video of my UX Week 2014 talk, Designing Multichannel Services for Lives Beyond the Screen is now online (and embedded below). There …

Interview at the 2014 Science-to-Business Marketing Conference

I gave a keynote a couple of weeks ago at the 2014 Science-to-Business Marketing Conference in Winterthur and Todd Davey interviewed me …

May the force be with you – service design for invisible connections

The video of the talk I gave at DESIS Lab Melbourne at RMIT is online at Service Design Melbourne’s website. The audio is a bit hard to hear …