Matt Polaine & the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Project Re-Design interns

Good to see my brother Matt, Sustainable Development Researcher at BT, making an appearance in this video for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation Project Re-Design internships.

From the Foundation website:

Working closely with industry experts within each of our Founding Partners’ specializations the internships are being carefully developed to ensure that each one offers a unique industry-based challenge around the circular economy. Students will visit various aspects of the industry, talk to experts and examine the issues as they work together on a group project, which they will present to senior managers at the end of the week.

During the week groups will feedback on the status of their experience through our website and on Facebook using a mixture of words, images and film.

Here’s the film or you can have a read of the interns’ blog on the Foundation website:

While you are at it, you can take a look at Matt’s blog here.

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