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Generative Art

Nothing changes much. Re-dub courtesy of Phillip Kerman.

Your Graphics Cast a Dark Shadow Across All of Your Work

(Via the IxDA list)

Twittering Mad Men

What a weird meta media world we live in. I tweeted that I was off to watch Mad Men only to find this morning that I am being followed on Twitter by Peggy Olson …

Energy Shoes

NTT’s energy-generating shoes (above) are amongst the many similar ideas I had and never did anything about. Sigh. Here’s the proof from 9 years …

Bandai Pedometer Games

Get off your ass. Assuming that is a donkey there, you’ll need to walk to move through the levels in these new handheld pedometer games by Bandai …

Take on Me. Literal interpretation.

I could resist this. This song seems to be stuck on loop on every single German radio station.

Palin Bingo

A variant of bullshit bingo, Jesper Juul played Palin Bingo during the vice presidential debate (did she really never mention her family?). I like “Air …